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DeAnna Hadlock


My Story

Hello! My name is DeAnna Hadlock. I started with Scentsy in 2007. I started originally thinking, "Oh, my goodness this is another multi-level marketing business. I will get the kit for free stuff and be done." It has almost been ten years now. I am not a wealthy millionaire, and I am not in this to get rich. I have not even gotten rich.  However, with my Scentsy journey I have been able to buy a Honda Odyssey, earn free trips and pay for extras for my family.  Many ask me why if I am not getting rich quick I am still here with this company? There is more to this company than warmers and wax. I am loyal and so are they. They are genuine with who they are and so am I. 

Scentsy is a family friendly business. I have been a stay at home mom since 2002 and throughout this time I have looked for ways to get out of the mundane everyday activities that brings. I needed something other than washing clothes and dishes. By attending Leadership seminars, conventions and various trainings I have been able to form friendships with other consultants all over the world. These ladies continue to teach me so many things and inspire me. It was so much fun to step outside of the box, per sea, and meet new people to form friendships with. Through Scentsy I was able to get away from the TV shows I was watching which at the time was Barney, Dora and Wiggles. I was able to lay in cabana in Cancun and relax on the black beach on the large island of Kona instead. 

Scentsy can fit into any schedule. I am a Mom, wife, Star Director and a year ago went back to finish my college degree. I believe that you can acheive anything you set your mind to do if you are consistent. I am not sure if this is a quote by someone else as I am sure I did not come up with it, does not matter how you get from point A to point B all that matters is that you get there. Your line could be really squiggly! 

I would love to help you on your journey and I know that Scentsy is a great place to begin a business. Like I said before it is so much more than warmers and wax! So start today! Click the Join Tab and lets get this party started!


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